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Integrity Test Framework

The easiest way to install Integrity into your existing Eclipse environment is the update site mechanism. There are up-to-date update sites available for both the newest Integrity release version as well as the latest development snapshot, which are both built and updated right from the respective source code branches! In addition to the update sites, there are archives available containing the Integrity bundles.

If you're unsure about what to use, the latest release version is probably best! The release branch will be updated only for bugfixing, while the development branch gets newly created features first as well and is thus expected to be less stable.

If you decide to use the release branch, you have the choice between an update site which will always stay at that respective (minor) version, or you can choose an update site which will be upgraded to the next major/minor version when this version is released. When this happens, that version moves from the development branch to the release branch, a new development branch is started for the next feature additions and the old release branch is abandoned, meaning it won't even get bugfixes anymore.

IMPORTANT: If you don't have the Xtext SDK already installed in your Eclipse, you will need some Xtext plugins to be able to run Integrity! The easiest way to get these is to add the Xtext release update site to your list of update sites: - if you don't know exactly how to do this, take a look at the first tutorial about Integrity, in which you can find a very detailed explanation of the process!

Latest Stable Release: 20.0.0 (released 2020-08-28)

      • Update Site URL (latest release):
      • Update Site URL (forever stays at 20.x.x):
      • For Update Site URLs which stay at a particular bugfix level, see the table of all released versions below!
      • Best used with Eclipse 2020-06 or newer - no additional dependencies needed
      • Compatible with Eclipse Neon/Oxygen/Photon - add the following dependency repository:
      • Download the ZIP Archive
      • Read the Release Notes / See the fixed issues
      • View the Javadoc Reference (or download it)

Old-Stable Release: 19.0.5 (released 2020-08-28)

      • Update Site URL (latest release):
      • Update Site URL (forever stays at 19.x.x):
      • For Update Site URLs which stay at a particular bugfix level, see the table of all released versions below!
      • Best used with Eclipse 2019-03 or newer - no additional dependencies needed
      • Compatible with Eclipse Neon/Oxygen/Photon - add the following dependency repository:
      • Download the ZIP Archive
      • Read the Release Notes / See the fixed issues
      • View the Javadoc Reference (or download it)

Current Development Version: 21.0.0

Nexus Server (Maven Build Artifact Repository)

      • All the Integrity plugins and build results are also available in the repository at This includes up-to-date snapshot builds as well as releases.

All Released Versions

Version Released Update Site URL Archive Download Notes
20.0.0 2020-08-28 Download Fixed Issues
19.0.5 2020-08-28 Download Fixed Issues
19.0.4 2019-12-19 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.34 2019-12-19 Download Fixed Issues
19.0.3 2019-12-18 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.33 2019-12-18 Download Fixed Issues
19.0.2 2019-06-06 Download Fixed Issues
19.0.1 2019-06-05 Download Fixed Issues
19.0.0 2019-05-22 Download Fixed Issues
18.2.1 2019-03-06 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.32 2019-03-06 Download Fixed Issues
18.2.0 2019-02-28 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.31 2019-02-28 Download Fixed Issues
18.1.2 2019-02-27 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.30 2019-02-27 Download Fixed Issues
18.1.1 2019-02-25 Download Fixed Issues
18.1.0 2019-02-22 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.29 2019-02-22 Download Fixed Issues
18.0.1 2019-01-31 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.28 2019-01-31 Download Fixed Issues
18.0.0 2019-01-30 Download Read Me / Issues
0.17.27 2019-01-30 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.26 2019-01-23 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.25 2019-01-21 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.24 2019-01-15 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.23 2019-01-11 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.22 2019-01-09 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.21 2019-01-08 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.20 2019-01-04 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.19 2018-12-12 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.18 2018-10-15 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.17 2018-09-27 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.16 2018-09-11 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.15 2018-09-07 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.14 2018-08-23 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.13 2018-07-04 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.12 2018-04-18 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.11 2018-03-29 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.10 2018-03-23 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.9 2018-03-22 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.8 2018-03-20 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.7 2018-02-21 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.6 2018-02-09 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.5 2018-01-26 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.4 2018-01-05 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.3 2017-12-20 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.2 2017-12-14 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.1 2017-12-13 Download Fixed Issues
0.17.0 2017-12-12 Download Read Me / Issues
0.16.6 2017-12-12 Download Fixed Issues
0.16.5 2017-08-09 Download Fixed Issues
0.16.4 2017-07-28 Download Fixed Issues
0.16.3 2017-07-12 Download Fixed Issues
0.16.2 2017-07-06 Download Fixed Issues
0.16.1 2017-06-19 Download Fixed Issues
0.16.0 2017-06-09 Download Read Me / Issues
0.15.10 2016-11-22 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.9 2016-11-21 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.8 2016-10-28 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.7 2016-08-32 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.6 2016-07-08 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.5 2016-06-20 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.4 2016-06-01 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.3 2016-05-03 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.1 2016-05-03 Download Fixed Issues
0.15.0 2016-01-14 Download Read Me / Issues
0.14.3 2015-11-30 Download Fixed Issues
0.14.2 2015-07-27 Download Fixed Issues
0.14.1 2015-04-08 Download Fixed Issues
0.14.0 2015-03-09 Download Read Me / Issues
0.13.1 2014-09-22 Download Fixed Issues
0.13.0 2014-07-18 Download Read Me / Issues
0.12.5 2014-05-28 Download Fixed Issues
0.12.4 2014-02-26 Download Fixed Issues
0.12.3 2013-11-23 Download Fixed Issues
0.12.2 2013-10-01 Download Fixed Issues
0.12.1 2013-10-01 Download  
0.12.0 2013-10-01 Download Read Me
0.11.2 Download  
0.11.1 Download  
0.11.0 Download Read Me
0.10.4 Download  
0.10.3 Download  
0.10.2 Download  
0.10.1 Download  
0.10.0 Download Read Me
0.9.2 Download  
0.9.1 Download  
0.9.0 Download  


 Standalone Execution Dependencies

At some point, you might want to run Integrity-based tests outside of Eclipse, for example in the context of a CI build. Due to Integrity being based on Xtext, which in turn is based on several mature Eclipse technologies like the Eclipse Modeling Framework, you will need the respective libraries in your classpath. Especially in case of an OSGi-based application, which explicitly requires all package imports to be satisfied, these libraries amount to quite a number of files. You can assemble these libraries for yourself, but for your convenience we also provide an archived collection of all dependencies, downloaded straight from the Eclipse distribution sites.

If you are using Maven for dependency management (or any other system able to pull stuff from a Nexus server), you might as well use a convenient POM file which specifies dependencies to all necessary JARs from the Eclipse project, which are being mirrored on the Integrity Nexus server for your convenience. These mirrored JARs are valid OSGi bundles, so they don't only work with plain Java, but they also work fine in OSGi environments.

Eclipse 2020-06 dependencies (required for Integrity v20.x and later) 

Eclipse 2019-03 dependencies (required for Integrity v19.x and later) 

DEPRECATED: Eclipse 2018-09 dependencies (required for Integrity v18.x and later) 

DEPRECATED: Eclipse Neon dependencies (required for Integrity v0.16.x and later) 

DEPRECATED: Eclipse Mars dependencies (required for Integrity v0.15.x)

DEPRECATED: Eclipse Luna dependencies (required for Integrity v0.14.x)

DEPRECATED: Eclipse Kepler dependencies (required for Integrity v0.12.x, v0.13.x)


Integrity Swing Bindings

Integrity itself is just a framework - you will need to have some glue code between Integrity and your application to unleash all of its power! Integrity makes it very easy to write these so-called fixtures, since you will most probably have to write highly customized fixture methods to suit your specific application at some point, especially if you want to test non-standard application types. But with some classes of applications being very common, there are some efforts to provide basic support for these application types via generic fixture classes, which can easily be extended to meet additional requirements.

One of the first of these basic "bindings" that development has been started on is the Swing Bindings, which provide a basis for testing Java Swing applications. Please note that these are still rather early in their development process, thus there is currently just a development download available.


Integrity Jenkins Plugin

This plugin is able to parse Integrity test result files (in both HTML and XML formats), so your build will be switched to 'unstable' if any tests have failed. It also automatically archives the result files for easy access through the Jenkins web interface!

Latest Release: 0.12.3 - now with support for pipeline jobs and Jenkins JobDSL

You might get warnings about old data structures after switching existing build jobs with data from pre-0.12 versions to this newer plugin version. It is safe to ignore these warnings (or optionally deleting the old data using Jenkins' plugin data migration tools) - the old data it is warning about is no longer needed in this newer version!

Current Development Version: 0.13.0

Released Versions

Version Archive Download
0.12.3 Download
0.12.2 Download
0.12.1 Download
0.12.0 Download
0.11.4 Download
0.11.3 Download
0.11.2 Download
0.11.1 Download
0.11.0 Download
0.10.1 Download
0.10.0 Download
0.9.4 Download
0.9.3 Download
0.9.2 Download
0.9.1 Download
0.9.0 Download
0.8.0 Download
0.7.0 Download