Version 0.12.0

Integrity v0.12.0 comes with the following major changes from its predecessor, 0.11.0:

  • In Nested Objects, one can now use strings as keys, which don't suffer from having to obey the rules applied to generic identifiers in the Integrity language (such as having to start with a lowercase letter, not having spaces etc.). Using IDs is still supported however; the distinction is made by having quotes around the string if a string is used as a key. These quotes aren't required for classic identifiers conforming to the ID restrictions.

  • The Outline view now combines all include statements under a top-level "Include" node to prevent them from cluttering the outline.

  • The native date/time values in Integrity scripts now support millisecond-precision. Just enter milliseconds after the second value, e.g. "12:20:42.435".

  • Compression has been added to the communications protocol between the Integrity Test Runner and the Eclipse Plugin. Since this compression is mandatory, a Test Runner of version 0.12 and beyond won't be able to communicate with pre-0.12 Eclipse plugins!

  • The Eclipse Test Runner Control Plugin is now able to display extended results returned by fixtures. It can display simple text, HTML text and images.

  • The behavior of the Test Runner in cases of broken test scripts, classloading problems and other standard error cases has been significantly improved. In most of the common cases, a detailed log message will now be printed, including script names and line numbers as well as other contextual information such as class names or fixture names, which help in determining the source of the problem at hand.