Version 0.10.0

This version is the first publicly available version and sports the following major changes from 0.9.2:

  • The Console Test Runner has been refactored to make it much easier to integrate the little console tool into more complex execution environments than just a simple main method (OSGi Applications *cough* *cough*)
  • The way in which the Guice module to use is determined underwent a similar refactoring in order to make it easier to subclass the model, which is necessary if you'd like to override some of Integrity's default internal services or add some of your own.
  • The console command "--noresolve" has been removed and replaced by the exact opposite "--resolve" which now forces a full model walk before test execution. The default is now the quicker variant of not resolving a model entirely after loading.
  • There is a new feature: "Formatted Strings". These strings are basically plaintext strings, but tokenized into parts which can have formatting flags attached to them (bold text, underlined and such) and formatting tokens in between (newlines and tabs, for instance). The conversion subsystem has been extended to support formatted strings, and they will be used by default when outputting string values to the XML result. The XSLT has been enhanced to be able to convert the currently supported formatting tokens into proper HTML/CSS formatting code, so "Formatted Strings" will actually appear nicely formatted in the HTML result pages. This new feature was mostly added to be able to nicely format complex objects and maps in the HTML/XML output: before, these were long single-line deserts of text, now they are splitted into multiple lines, with indenting and everything, basically like well-formatted XML compared to plain XML printed in a single line.