A flexible user acceptance test automation framework
dedicated to bring back the fun into testing!

Powerful Test Script Language

The core of Integrity is a domain-specific language (DSL) specifically tailored for clearly readable test description. It features full Eclipse Editor integration, including syntax highlighting, autoformatting, refactoring, validation and autocompletion. You are even able to integrate autocompletion suggestions for your own test adapters!

Human-Readable Test Results

User acceptance tests aren't only of interest to developers. The Integrity test results are designed to be readable by people without any knowledge about programming - and they are easy to handle, too: just a single HTML file contains everything! Even an XML representation of the results with all the details, in case you want machines to read the results, too.

Advanced Eclipse Integration

Don't only edit, but run your tests in Eclipse as well! Integrity supplies a view for supervising test execution, including support for adding breakpoints to test instructions as well as single-stepping. Jump right into the scripts if a test fails. And since it's based on a network protocol, you can even connect the view to tests running on remote machines, like a build server.

The Integrity Test Framework has been created to meet the demands of real, customer-centric software development projects at GEBIT Solutions GmbH. It is specifically designed for extensibility, which is used to create project-specific, integrated development workflows. Got a project in mind? Get in touch!